Friday, May 28, 2010


Got my test results back from the doctor.
HCG: 24
Progesterone: 40
Now I just have to wait on pins and needles to find out what the second test says. Apparently an HCG doubling time of 48 hours is what we are looking for.

Have I mentioned I LOVE my doctor? After the debacle that was my last doctor he has been such a relief. When I was looking for someone new I called my GP's office to see if they recommended anyone. The nurse who answered the phone said "oh, you need to see Dr. Garner, he is the best." That is all I have been hearing about him since, be it online reviews or the nurses in his office, everyone LOVES Dr. Garner. I don't blame them, he makes me feel completely at ease and I totally trust his judgement.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Holy Crap

Even though we have been trying for 5 months with fertility drugs I still find myself feeling surprised and terrified. I really thought this wasn't my month. I had let myself down easy and was looking forward to taking a (mandatory) break next month. 2 days ago I got a teeny, tiny, feint-as-can-be line on a test and my hopes skyrocketed but Mac and I both agreed it could easily be an evap line. Of course yesterday's test was snow white. And then today, SURPRISE! A part of me wanted to think of a cute/memorable/tear-jerker way to tell Mac about the positive test but I have zero ability to keep anything from the husbandit. I immediately sent him a link to the pictures instead. Of course as the minutes ticked by without a response I began to worry, how could he not say anything? Eventually I called him at work to see what the hold up was and it turns out he was actually working. Crazy man, doing his job during business hours! Needless to say he was thrilled!

We are both feeling very tentative about telling people about this or even accepting it as true. With my PCOS and progesterone deficiency this process has been stressful and we just don't want to get hurt. Hopefully these feelings will pass soon.