Friday, May 25, 2012

Dance Dance Scout

Mama likes to make Scout dance, now it is Gideon's turn to be puppet master/funny bunny.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jingle Bell Boy

I like to bring out the Mystery Box a few times a week so I can spend some focused time with Gideon working on developmental skills; kind of my small version of Tot School.  Giddy loves the Mystery Box and happily climbs in his chair when he sees me get it out (he has to sit at the table patiently if he wants to see what is in the box).  It always has something different in it and I always have my fingers crossed that he will actually take more of an interest in what is in inside the box than with playing with the box lid (this happened with paint, who knew?).  Today was Gideon's favorite Mystery Box thus far, inside there were jingle bells and ribbons!

There were many more jingle bells and ribbons but at this point there were scattered about a bit
We determined that the bells didn't ring very well when you held them in your hand (as opposed to shaking the box or throwing them) so I tied ribbons to them so they could be swung around.  Yeah, he LOVED that.  Then I made a jingle bell necklace and it was ON!  The kid could not get enough.

I ended up tying the giant bell to the back door knob and so far it has been a nice distraction from attempting to run outside into the heat.  It's kind of hilarious to watch him get a head full of steam and head for the door only to get distracted by the bell.  He ends up sitting there ringing it until something else gets his attention.

I wonder what will be in the Mystery Box tomorrow.... (no really, I need to get on that)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I made this as a little mommy's day montage
Mother's Day was pretty low key around here; very nice and mostly relaxing.  Gideon gave me my present early (see: Graduation) this year but on the actual day I got to sleep in and have donuts and mimosas for breakfast, then I got to play video games!  Pretty awesome!  Later Rock, my mom, sister, and brother came over for a Mother's Day lunch of the husbandit's AMAZING beer braised brisket tacos and my Chipotle rip-off rice.  Bethany was celebrating her first Mother's Day as a mom, which was pretty surreal for me since she is always going to be my little sister, and she stayed a while after everyone left so we could hang out and talk.  After Auntie Bethany left Mac and I took Gideon to a city park down the street.  He had kind of an epically good time and it was a nice way to end the day (until we got home and I realized I had told Melissa the wrong day for babysitting and she was sitting outside our house in her car.  My bad Melissa!)

I am so lucky to have our little man.  He has been very ..trying... lately but he has also been the cutest little odd duck.  I suppose one just comes with the other as he tries to figure out who in the world he is.

Before bed I insisted on getting a good picture of Giddy and I together to mark the occasion.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Before we decided to have a baby I went back to school for a Masters in Education.  While we were trying to get pregnant I stayed in school because with my PCOS I had no idea how long the whole thing was going to take (I ended up finishing my student teaching 8 months pregnant (yuck)).  The fall after Gideon was born I decided to go back to school and now I am happy to say I AM FINISHED.  I decided to include this particular milestone in Gideon's blog because when I went back to school I did it in part for him.  I wanted him to know that A. I didn't drop out of school because he was born, B. If by some miracle you decide what you want to do with your life, then go for it, and C. If you work hard, persevere, and let others help you, nothing can stop you.  

This morning Gideon walked into our room with a little wrapped package and handed it to me.  That alone took my breath away as I noticed (not for the first time) that he is growing up way too fast.  Inside was my Mother's Day present, a beautiful necklace with Gideon's perfect little silhouette (even his eye lashes!).

It really was perfect timing, while I was waiting in the bowels of the coliseum to process out with the other graduates I got a little nervous and touching that little face reminded me that my family was out there waiting to cheer me on.  And cheer they did!  My mom, Rock, Bethany, Liyah, Carol, and John were all there along with Mac and Gideon (my dad and Debbie were unfortunately overseas) and they stayed for the whole 3 hour ceremony (mostly taking turns letting Gideon run around the coliseum).  A few weeks ago Mac suggested finding a babysitter for Gideon during the ceremony but I really wanted him there and I was glad when I looked up and saw his sweet face.
My sister took this pic of Gideon catching site of me in the crowd of black clad people in funny hats

It's like a game of "Where's Kristin?"

This was like the third hand I had to shake on stage.  Also check out the wings on the robe.  Grad regalia is WEIRD. 
After the ceremony we had planned on going out to eat together just as we had after our last graduation, but in the end we went back to our house with wine coolers and ordered pizza.  My how times have changed, and frankly I am glad of it.

I am so lucky to have my family, especially the wonderful husbandit because there is no way I could have done this without a support system of people willing to take care of my child while I write a paper, proof read a project, or just help me decompress.  I do not have the right words to thank Mac for his love, support, patience, and humor during our entire time together (pregnancy, finals, and all).  My biggest wish for Gideon is that he will be as wonderful a man as his father is.  As I like to say, I have the better spouse.  Next weekend is my graduation party (I finally got to have one after my third graduation) at La Hacienda Ranch.  Bring on the enchilada buffet and margaritas, school is OUT!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I love his current two loves...

A super boy and his super bear

Pooh Bear, like George, was randomly chosen one day by Gideon to be his new best friend.  I looked over and he had that silly old bear by the foot and was dragging him around the living room.  Often when Gideon is feeling snugly (lately that is frequent, the only silver lining to teething) he scrambles down from my lap, grabs pooh and runs back over so the three of us can cuddle.  Other times he runs to get Pooh and carries him back to Gideon's chair where the two of them can hug and share secrets uninterrupted.  

The cape thing started when Gideon discovered that after naptime he could reach through the crib bars and take things out of his crib.  This was REVOLUTIONARY.  Up to this point Miss Ellie was crib only (mean old mama!); now if he is anywhere upstairs you can guarantee he is going to pop up with her in tow.  The blue blanket was a crib blanket until Gideon grabbed it and wore it on his head.  Everytime it fell off he brought it to me to place back on.  I got sick of this fast and tied the darn thing (loosely) around his neck.  He thought this was pretty cool, especially since he could grab the blankie and wrap it around himself or hold it out to his sides as he ran.  He is a very dramatic boy.  

This morning I put a cape on Pooh Bear and the child grinned from ear to ear.  Add that to chair spinning and it was probably the perfect Gideon morning.  Well almost perfect, there weren't any blue berry donuts.   

(Someone has to keep watch over the living room during naptime)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just like daddy

I love that he is starting to imitate our behaviors although it is certainly startling to have a mirror held up to your lifestyle.  For example, he likes to climb into his chair and watch tv while eating his snack...kind of like me...oops.  Luckily Mac is a much more productive human being.

Fun in the dark

There is a possibility that only I will enjoy this video simply because so much of it is in the dark. However, who doesn't love a kid playing with a flashlight and trying to open a toilet in a pitch black bathroom?