Sunday, August 14, 2011


We took Gideon to Sally's house to visit with the Q's today and he got to go swimming in a real pool for the first time! The boy really loved it, splashing like crazy and giggling every time Mac went under water. So glad he got to give the pool a try before the end of summer.

Here are a few pics Emily took
First time in a real pool!

And what post would be complete without adorable videos? (thanks Emily!)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Getting ready for cousin Liyah

Today was crazy! We have been planning Bethany's baby shower for so long that I can hardly believe it's over. We had a great time! Mac made sliders to go with fruit, beans, potato salad, and chips. After we all ate ourselves silly we played a baby food identification game (commercial baby food is gross!) and then had a diaper race! I hope everyone else has as much fun as I did. I know the grandma's enjoyed playing with Gideon and talking about what it will be like once Clara Maliyah gets here.

Pics are here:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

6 month check-up

Yesterday was our 6 month check-up with Dr. G. While we were waiting for our turn to see the doctor we heard a baby crying in the back. From that moment until we were safely back home, Gideon had a concerned look on his face. Concerned or not he enjoyed tearing and crinkling the paper on the table while we waited for Dr G. It is just another example of how he has become more aware of his surroundings, in the past I don't think he even noticed there was paper, this time he greeted the doctor with handfuls of it.

The doctor said that he is progressing normally, he weighs 20 pounds 15 ounces (95th percentile) and is 27.4 inches tall (80th percentile). The shots caused some crying but only for a little while. At first he was shocked but then he really just seemed angry, loudly articulating his frustration to mommy and daddy. Once we got home he was fine, even stayed up until his regular bedtime, no problem. This morning he had a fever but a little Tylenol did the trick. Mac has been concerned about how flat the back of the boy's head it, but the doctor said it is still rounding out and we should wait until 8 months to make a decision about whether or not to invest in a helmet.

Giddy is growing and developing like crazy these days. While he can't sit up on his own yet, once he is seated he is pretty steady, usually only falling over when he wants to (so he can relax on his back, roll on his side to reach for something, or even roll all the way over onto his tummy, a favorite trick!) He is also becoming somewhat bashful, looking at a new person and then hiding his face in mama's chest (but still risking little peeks and smiles). He is so much more independent now than he was even just a few weeks ago. He always seems to be busy, analyzing a toy, inspecting the carpet, reaching for the dog. He has a very full schedule. Eating has also been progressing, now he has tried green beans, sweet potatoes, apples, plums, and bananas in addition to rice and oat cereals. The only food he refuses to eat is apples, they make him puke and I am not forcing the issue.

At our last visit the pediatrician said we don't need to go out and get expensive toys and she was right. He loves to play with a piece of paper, my fingers, spoons and any other object that fall within his reach. If we were smart we would get out pretty cheap this Christmas by giving him a box with wrapping paper in and on it, but I am sure we will lose our minds and buy him toys. Gideon is always totally cool with mommy putting stuff on his head.

Here is a picture of the boy being silly on his quilt. He is such a charmer.