Tuesday, July 27, 2010

1st trimester scan thing

Last night Mac and I watched "The Business of Being Born" and I highly recommend it to anyone planning a birth. It was very informative and uplifting and really made us think about what we want our birth experience to be like. We have also decided that Pitocin is the devil and gateway to unnecessary interventions.

Today we went for the first trimester sequential scan that tests for genetic problems. Since neither side of the family has a history of downs syndrome or any other chromosomal issue we really weren't worried and viewed this as a great opportunity to see Spud again. My mother joined us and there was little bit of car drama combined with a little bit of parking garage drama and then elevator drama so when we arrived I was desperately grateful for the sweetheart nurses and calming atmosphere of the office. When they called us back to the ultrasound room I was immediately impressed by the 45+ plus inch tv screen they had in the room to display my little bean. I was also looking forward to having my first abdominal ultrasound; I didn't even have to shave my legs this morning! They cranked up the ultrasound machine and there was spud in all its baby glory. It moved around like crazy, waving and stretching its arms and legs, standing up and sitting down; probably because of how stressed I was leading up to the appointment. At one point it stood up tall and then slouched down into a very typical "Kristin slouching" position that nearly brought tears to my eyes; that's my baby alright! The nuchal fold measured 1.7 which we were told was perfect and then they took my blood and we were on our way. I probably could have sat there all day and watched Spud dance and play. Mac was so sweet and amazed; he took my hand and held it the whole time. The ultrasound pics hardly do Spud justice and are not nearly as good as last weeks transvaginal pics but I still like 'em, what do you think?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My baby looks like a baby!

So today I went to the bathroom (TMI?) and saw red blood! This is the 2nd time in 9 weeks so oh god! Freak out!

I went and took a shower and then called Mac who very calmly and reassuringly told me to call my doctor. Today is my doctor's day off but the nurse said to come in for an ultrasound anyway. I got to the office and had to wait for what seemed like forever as every other woman there was called before me. I am not kidding. I sat alone in the waiting room after everyone else had gone to the back. Meanwhile the husbandit, who works about 50 minutes from my doctor was trying to make it there so I wouldn't have to be alone. The poor guy got there just as I was leaving.

Today I learned two things:

1. Everything looks cool, from cervix to baby, no bleeding anywhere.
2. My baby looks like a baby.

On the last ultrasound the baby looked like a bean of some kind, now s/he has a face!

Getting my head in the game...

Mac doesn't like having a picture of an alien on the blog. I wonder which picture he is referring to...

Being pregnant, and thinking about being pregnant, and researching being pregnant, etc, has all become a huge distraction from the rest of my life. I am only taking one class this semester and THANK GOD. All of my previous semesters I have taken 3 classes, last semester I even did it without my Adderall (oh Adderall, how I MISS you)and have managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA. This semester I am still getting good grades but it is such a struggle, like I am right on the edge of disaster. Right now all I need to do is read a chapter, watch a lecture, make up a few independent study contracts and participate in the group discussion before Friday and for some reason I just can't get my head in the game. I keep daydreaming about being done with this semester, but as they say the only way to end it is to go through it right?

Oh, I got my student teaching assignment for the fall. I will spend August, September and half of October at the middle school and then the rest of October, November and December at the high school. I am so lucky that the schools are within 15 mins of my house and in a really great district. I will also be taking two classes online. Thank god I am taking the Spring semester off. I can't imagine having a baby two weeks into the semester as I had originally planned. I need to tell the student teaching office that I am pregnant, but I think I will wait until 13 weeks.

Okay enough stalling, its time to go read about gifted girls and society.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The cat is out!

We have officially told the world about our Spud. I decided that this was the best way to communicate our joy over this blessed event:

Mac and I would like to let you all know that 11 weeks ago I contracted a parasite that is currently laying waste to my body. The doctors hope that the infection will last no longer than 40 weeks but others who have suffered from similar invasions have seen them persist for 43 weeks or more. Luckily I am not contagious but my condition has caused me to avoid most social situations due to nausea, weight gain, and general physical discomfort. It is our hope that you will keep us in your thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks and keep the hope alive that this will all have a swift and happy outcome.

A recent ultrasound showed that the parasite looked like this at 7 weeks:

or perhaps more like this:

Hehehe, a little Edwardsesessses humor for you there. Luckily people seemed to like it.

Thank you everyone for all of the wonderful, positive, loving responses to our news. We are so excited to meet our baby and to introduce Spud to all of you. I know that in the coming years you will all be a part of our child's life and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Stuff and things

Great doctor visit today! We got to hear the heartbeat! The ladies on my message boards made me worry that we wouldn't be able to find it with the doppler but my doc is a pro and found it right away. The heartrate was 140 to which I said "oh, that's low" and my doctor said "No its not, normal is between 120 and 180" so now I feel better.

We are scheduled for a sequential scan on the 27th (I will be 12 weeks). My doctor said there is a possibility that they might be able to tell the gender then! After that I have another appt with my doctor on the 16th of August and they will do another ultrasound then. I can not wait to see my baby again. This is all really starting to sink in ad it feels really good. As I like to tell Mac, there's a baby in there!

My morning sickness is sticking around but it is much more manageable then it was a few weeks ago. I am back to taking my glucophage and prenatal vitamins regularly (with a new vitamin cause the last one made me want to die). Sometimes at night though I still find myself laying on the couch thinking "ugh."

I broke down and ordered maternity clothes today. Mac was a good sport and went to Old Navy with me to try things on (of course, he did ask a few times if there wasn't a girl that I would rather be there with. The answer was no, I feel fat and tired, I want to be with you.) and then today I ordered from their online sale. 1 pair of light jeans, 1 pair of dark jeans and several shirts that will finally be long enough. I feel like I can't leave my house because I am embarrassed about being stuffed in my clothes. Of course I know this is silly and no one cares what I look like but oh well.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Today has additional meaning for me, as I seem to have gained some independence from my morning sickness. At first I was grateful because it meant hot dogs and nachos at the rangers game. Now, of course, I am worried. I am only 9 weeks, what business do I have feeling better?

Oh well, we had a great time at the ballpark in spite of the Rangers doing their best to lose. I tried wearing my bella band today but it does not combine well with long periods of sitting. The fireworks were nice, although someday I want to sit close enough to hear the music they are choreographed to sync up with. I think I will have to add that to my list of things to do with my child, right under "go to New York to see Macy's parade" and "shop for back to school."