Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bedding Bought

Yesterday I was feeling down about some recent family drama and decided I wanted to go visit the bedding we chose for Gideon's room at Babies R' Us. Since the nursery is currently in a World War III type state of renovation, visiting a nicely decorated and accessorized place seemed like just the thing to lift my spirits. So we drove to the store and soon discovered that Babies R' Us is transitioning between new and old bedding which means the bedding we chose is no longer gracing a polished crib but instead was hanging in the back of the store under tags reading "clearance." Mac, mom, and Rock all felt that we should go ahead and buy the bedding now so as to avoid missing out on it later but I wasn't sure (because I am not sure of anything these days... sigh... preggo brain). As we were discussing it a couple of people walked up behind us. It was apparent that these people wanted my bedding, GIDEON'S bedding, and in that moment I had an instinctual reaction of "MINE!" which is lucky because we got the last 6 piece set (quilt, bumper, diaper stacker, etc) and the last cute matching lamp. Score one for Team Edwards! So now we have our bedding, extra sheets, a lamp, valence, changing pad cover and diaper stacker but we decided against buying the mobile. It was cute and stuff but I think I could make something better in the form of adorable, hand-crocheted, animals and whatnot. When we got to the house a thought struck me. My external hard drive with all of my wonderful crochet patterns is broken! Blah. This is going to be my "make it work" moment, I just know it (thank you Tim Gunn). I have decided I won't worry about it until December.

Today I should be grading tests but instead I sat down and made a website for Gideon here . I think it turned out pretty cute, I mean who can resist adorable dinosaurs?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bedding Conundrum

So I am trying to finish our baby registry because frankly I am sick of thinking about it. All we have left to research are baby monitors, a task that has been assigned to the husbandit. And then of course we need to choose the bedding so I can select a changing pad cover, hamper, curtains, glider, etc. Not that I expect people to buy me all of these things, but I would like to get 10% off, which Babies R' Us promised to send us for all of the items not purchased on our registry. Our registries have also become a great list of baby wants and needs and has really helped me feel like I am being proactive in my preparation for Baby Mack.

Mac and I set this coming Sunday as the deadline for choosing bedding and so far I have a top 3 that I vascilate over daily.

Option 1:

Carter's Bumble Bedding

I find the colors soothing and the creatures are really unique. The blanket features a variety of soft textures and patterns. The play yard and high chair we registered for are a part of this collection.

Option 2:

Cater's Tree Tops

I love the retro colors and adorable characters. I also love how the blanket is like looking out a window at a forest scene.

Option 3:

Kid's Line Peek-a-boo Zoo

I love the bright colors, and unique skirt and valence. Also who can resist the monkey going after the 2? I ordered these cards over the weekend:

I think it would be cute to frame and hang them in a line over the crib.

What do you guys think? what catches your eye?

Monday, October 11, 2010


Mac and I finally went and registered for Baby Mack's gear this afternoon. We were SO excited for some fun baby preparation after a somewhat stressful weekend (see below) but the moment I had that little scanning gun in hand I was immediately overwhelmed. There was so much stuff. The store was full of it. It didn't help that the checklist the store gave us is ridiculous. I may not have any children of my own but I KNOW I don't need 5 different strollers. We decided to roam the aisles and only scan the items we knew we wanted while making a mental checklist of things we wanted to research once we got home. Our second stop was Target, which went quickly since our local store only has 3 aisles of stuff. Once home we hit the internet in search of product reviews and I already have several changes to make to out Babies R Us list (which I still cannot access). I also added several items to our Target list and had to create an list for 2 items that we really want but could not find at the other two stores. Sheesh! Who knew there was so much stuff AND I still have so many questions! How many bottles do I really need? What about breast pump type accessories like storage bottles? Are the bags worth it? Can babies use regular washcloths or are baby ones somehow special? Do I need a wipes warmer? Which diaper rash cream/nipple cream is the best? What toys should I get? Do babies even NEED toys? Should I just register for things that I will need immediately or also include things that they baby will need in a few months? Am I being greedy? This registering thing makes me sleepy.

In other news, being pregnant continues to be weird. I woke up Sunday morning with mild chest pain/soreness that increased in intensity throughout the day. By Sunday night I was getting a little worried so at the behest of a lovely lady on my mothering message board, I went to Walmart and checked my blood pressure which was normal (113/70) but I was still in unexplained pain. Luckily, I had today off for Fair Day because I woke up bright and early still hurting. I called the doctor's office when they opened (9am) but didn't hear back from them until much later in the afternoon. The doctor feels as though I have Costochondritis (inflammation of the connective tissue between the breastbone and the ribs). Normally this is treated with anti-inflammatory drugs but since I am pregnant I can't have them. Long story short, this means I can't lift anything or bend over very far or generally be of any assistance in a physical capacity until the symptoms go away. Internet research tells me that it can take a loooong time for that to happen so, >sigh<. Add that to the list of things-experienced-during-pregnancy-that-I-could-do-without.

My list of things-experienced-during-pregnancy-that-are-awesome is growing too! Baby Mack kicked me hard enough the other night that my stomach moved. Of course no one but Stella was around to see it but I am sure it will become a more frequent happening over the coming weeks.

Okay time to get ready for school tomorrow. The kids are going to watch a VHS tape. For real. VHS. Tape.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Yesterday and today have been full of excitement! At 3:03 pm on 10/01/10 (a palindrome!) Mac and I got a new niece! Even though she is 4 weeks early she is healthy and happy and 7.5 pounds! I got to hold and love on her today and I must say she is a particularly attractive baby. I am not just saying this because we are related, she is genuinely adorable and not at all alien-like. Very impressive and somewhat intimidating; Baby Mack definitely will have some competition in the adorable department. It is crazy to me how much our family has grown in such a short period of time. I remember when my siblings and I were the "kids" of the family, now I have two nieces, a nephew and a whole slew of second cousins; I could not be happier. Mac is on cloud nine, he held her yesterday at the hospital and totally took 3 turns at holding her today. He is such a proud uncle. After some initial blood pressure concerns and some soreness and pain due to a c-section Maggie seems to be doing pretty well. It is interesting to me that her blood pressure didn't lower significantly until she was finally able to see her baby and I am beyond annoyed that it took them 5 HOURS to bring the baby in. My blood pressure would have been high too.

Today was also Haydrienne's 5th birthday party and I cannot wrap my head around how much she has grown. I still remember that tiny little girl who called my Keestin and was afraid of the Sponge Bob theme song. Now she is this little adult, reading fluently, doing multiplication and getting embarrassed when her dad says he loves her in front of her friends at school. She is even playing soccer this year! To be completely honest I could not picture my life without Haydrienne in it, she has brought me so much joy and taught me so much about love and happiness. And she isn't the only baby who has suddenly blossomed into an independent child. Aidan is not only creative, tall and handsome but he is incredibly empathetic and well behaved. Oh, and a complete charmer with his adorable curls and toothy grin. Lyla is deeply entrenched in the "Terrible Twos," pushing every boundary and insisting that she be able to complete tasks on her own. She has such a fearless and independent spirit and it has been a joy watching her grow, I just wish she would slow down!

Soon (hopefully very soon) baby boy Q will be here with his own quirks, joys and , of course, changes. I am sure the time will then fly straight to the arrival of Baby Mac who will change our lives forever. When I put the dogs out this evening there was a distinct chill in the air and it hit me that this will be our last fall as "just the two of us". The largest and loudest part of me can't wait to share the holidays, school shopping and sweater weather with our son but a small voice is also mourning the passing of our very selfish and introverted life together. I wish I could slow time down for just a moment and let my husband, friends, and family know how much I have appreciated their part in the life that I am currently leading AND how grateful I am that they will influence the man that my son will be.

I suppose the weather change always makes me somewhat introspective and melancholy but such is the way of the seasons right?

Okay time for bed. It has been a long and happy couple of days and I am ready for a sleep.