Thursday, June 27, 2013


I am happily exhausted from our epic playdate today.   We crafted, we ate pizza, we swam, we (they) napped (sort of).  Pretty perfect.

See how excited they look?

Bethany shows us all up with her t-shirt decorating skills

Bethany peer pressured me into adding decor to Giddys shirt

Awesome Rebone shirts.  So proud of Aidan for doing his pretty much all on his own.
*T-shirt tip - cut a small square of painters tape and place to the left of center of the shirt.  Stamp hand over the painters tape then peel off tape and paint the square blue to make the flag.
Why do we photograph children in groups?  IMPOSSIBLE

Monday, June 24, 2013

Splash Pad

Went to the splash pad today for the first time this year.  Gideon had been saying all morning that he didn't want to go and I kept telling him that he did.  I was soooo right.

he is a slide ADDICT
Batman's day at the splash pad

It took a moment for him to remember how absolutely fun this place is but after that he was ALL IN.  The only way I was able to get him to leave was to offer a snack and even then he threw a tantrum when it was time to walk to the car.  I think a leaving tantrum means you are doing it right.

"cheese crackers"

Hide and Seek

Sometimes I am playing hide and seek and I DON'T EVEN KNOW IT.  This morning for example, I went upstairs to brush my teeth and when I came back down Gideon was GONE.

Or was he?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Rainy Day

Some amazing clouds rolled in this morning and brought a much needed and much enjoyed rainstorm.

We painted.

Star Wars coloring pages always come in handy

We puddle walked.

Now we are hopefully going to make some pipe cleaner monkeys (if I can find my darn hot glue gun).  

When the sun came out Gideon ran to the window and lamented "WAAAAAIN WAAAAIIIINN!!!"  Poor kid, he lives in the wrong state.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Little Swimmer

As disinterested as Gideon appears to be in swim class they seem to be paying off.  We went swimming in GG and Rock's pool today and Gideon decided that now he swims.  He wouldn't let us hold him, he wanted to float out there on his own and navigate the water.  I was pretty impressed.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

First Movie!

Today GG and I took Gideon to his first movie in a theatre!  I know, it sounds crazy to take a 2 year old to a movie theatre but in my defense he sits through Wall-e, Cinderella, and Wreck it Ralph with no problem at home and the movie we took him to was a 70 minute kids' matinee that I was happy to walk out of if things got rough.  But things didn't get rough, in fact he LOVED it.  Since Clifford's Really Big Movie was the film du jour we brought along Giddy's stuffed big red dog which he was happy to snuggle in his own seat.  He only had to sit in my lap once during a chase scene.  He covered his eyes like he does during the Gus Gus fighting the chickens scene in Cinderella and never made a peep and when it was over went back to smiling and pointing and being generally thrilled with his existence.  We are definitely going to take him back to their next G-rated offering.

Sitting with Clifford

snuggling with GG

Movies are AWESOME

This is why we need kids movies in TX

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gideon's Ride

Gideon is now chauffeured around in the coolest car on the street (if not the planet)

Monday, June 10, 2013

First Swim Class

Daddy and Gideon just left for their first swim class.

Gideon thinks they are going to GG's house to swim in the "big bath".  He is an easy going kid so I am fairly certain the surprise will be fine but I could tell daddy was nervous.  Updates to come!

**Update**  Gideon is such a silly ninny muggins. Two classes in Mac reports that he seems to like swim class but doesn't feel the need to participate in the songs or activities.  I am reminded of how he has started pretending to fall asleep in my lap during storytime lately.  Mac also says that he is totally distracted by the giant water bucket (there is a bell that clangs in warning that the bucket is about to dump every 10 or so minutes) so even when he is participating the moment he hears the "clang, clang, clang" it's all over.  Fingers crossed that things get a little better.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Buck Buck Buck

Lately Gideon has discovered that if he does a chicken impression while in time out mommy will be unable to keep a straight face. He refuses to do said impression unless he is in trouble so until now I haven't been able to catch it on camera. Tonite he and daddy were having a stern talk about biting when the "buck buck" began. I ran to get the camera and he obliged with further wing flapping. Around :17 things go awry and around 1:00 I deeply offend him. Oh and no one here taught him how to act like a chicken, we are completely mystified as to where he got this from.