Thursday, September 1, 2011

Video Roundup

Time has been running like our cat from children.

August has been a good month for Giddy and he has continued to be a generally happy but thoughtful baby. Oh and he is lazy, very lazy. There are things that he can do, such as rolling in any direction, that he simply chooses not to do. I really don't mind too much, I will be chasing him down and baby proofing the house soon enough.

There are other things that he loves to do and does very well, such as playing in his baby pool and the big pool, reaching and grabbing pretty much anything (he is perfecting that pincher grasp on the dog and my cell phone whenever possible), and adding to his babble repertoire. Not only does he say dadadada but also mamamama when he is uncomfortable (or simply a shout of MA! when he doesn't know where I have gone), bababa for fun, and a plethora of vowel sounds. Shrieking is also a favorite. He will happily shriek for hours...and hours...and hours (okay maybe not hours but it feels like a long time). Dinner time is also a big hit around here. So far he has tried bananas, plums, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, avocado, nectarines (a favorite), prunes, and carrots. We are trying to introduce a wide variety of foods in hopes that he will not be a picky eater later on. Tomorrow night I will be hitting Sprouts to get more goodies for my food processor.

The easiest way to tell you about Mister Gideon is to show you.

Here he is trying out crayons for the first time.

And here are those lovely shrieks I was telling you about

He really cracks me up with his love of mirrors, and of getting really close to them.

And in my opinion this is the best of all, Gideon getting the giggles


  1. I think he is convinced that's a portal, not a mirror.

  2. Ok, Lyla has made me watch this like 1,000 times already and she finds it to be the most entertaining video of all time. She tried your pointing and naming with Flint. He also found it most amusing. Kids are weird.

  3. WONDERFUL blog, Kristin! Gideon is an absolute doll!

  4. ROFLMAO! What a delightful sweetheart! You and Mac are so lucky - such a precious little guy.