Monday, January 30, 2012

How to spend your first birthday

I am pretty sure Gideon had a kick ass day. Dada took the day off and we woke him up this morning by singing happy birthday. I really wish we had filmed it because he was adorable. At first he didn't want to wake up and then he sat up and smiled a squinty, sleepy smile. We took him downstairs where his new chair was loosely wrapped in Curious George paper. This confused him so dada helped him pull the paper off and mama helped him climb in. Later dada made pancakes for breakfast and yogurt with raspberries. After his first nap grampa JJ came over and spent the afternoon playing right up until we had to go to the pediatrician. I won't lie, the 12 month shots were almost a deal breaker, so was skipping second nap, but the boy powered through. We all went out to get the mail with Giddy riding on daddy's shoulders when a neighbor saw us and brought Gideon a cupcake for his birthday, it was such a nice surprise! Later mama went to Chicken Express to get mashed potatoes, green beans, and fried pickles for a special birthday dinner and the boy even got to try a tiny bite of cupcake for the first time. He completely passed out after his bedtime story and I teared up a little when I realized his first birthday was over. It was a good day!

A sleepy boy opening his present

Figuring out his new chair

Maybe not so much...

Sesame Street was particularly shocking today

A quick football break
Chair mastered

Birthday hats are the worst

Getting birthday hat revenge on Dada
All better now

The special birthday dinner
Trying a little bit of cupcake

12 month stats:
wt: 25lbs 8oz (85th percentile)

ht: 30.75in (80th percentile)
head: 18.8in (85th percentile)


  1. Happy birthday, sweet Gideon!! He is so adorable in his new chair. :)

  2. So GREAT! So much fun sharing his birthday with him. He is such a smiley little cutie. (p.s. I'm a little scared to know what was so shocking on Sesame Street. hee hee)