Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gideon at Do, I mean Two

Today is Gideon's second birthday and if you ask him how old he is he will say ...three ("eee!").  We've been working with him for days and yesterday if you asked he would say two ("do!").  Today he said three and it got a laugh so of course now he is three.  And he was so excited to be three that he woke up at 5:45am.  Silver lining is that we all got to go to the donut shop together and the owner even gave us free donut holes for the birthday boy (that I have been eating).  

singing to the birthday boy!  There were moments of whiney concern in the car on the way home from Shipleys when he believed it had all been a tease.  You can see the moment in the video when he realizes he is going to get to eat his donut after all.  That's my boy!

reading his card from MeMaw.  It was so sweet, she wrote that the weather was beautiful and if he was there she would take him to the park.  tear.

Happy birthday drinkin milk eatin a donut dance

Gideon loves the Popcorn Factory pretzels.  You're welcome kiddo.

We had to light, blow out, and relight the birthday candles a few times.  The boy loves to blow on things. 

This morning gramma and I took Giddy to his 2 year check up with Dr. G.  

Weight - 31lbs 11oz (85th%)
Height - 34.8in (60th%)Head - 19.7in (85th%)

When the nurse started to measure Gideon's head I made a comment about how it would be a big one.  My mom laughed and said it was a family thing.  tee hee.  

We've mostly been taking it easy all day.  The inflatable dinosaurs for the party in Saturday arrived and I blew them all up.  It was a good thing he liked them because afterwards I was light headed for a while.

So who is this two year old boy you ask?  He is Gideon, duh.  

He is FUNNY.  He got a giggle out of calling me daddy and calling daddy mama when we were in bed this morning (he was very awake while us grown ups were still trying to rub the sleep our of our eyes).  He laughs at the TV now like a real person.  His special favorite shows are Mike the Night (or night night), Peppa Pig (which he must watch before naptime, that is the ritual), and recently Sophia the First.  I imagine the love of Sophia is related to his love of Cinderella, the bestmovieofalltimeever.  

He is a snuggle boy, always open to hugging, kissing, and gentle wrastling.  Often times all three will happen within moments of the other.  

Walks are his favorite and usually contain many moments of him shouting "GO!!!!!" and running ahead.  

It is hard to get him back inside after a walk, especially if it is raining, his favorite type of weather.  Some people are content to watch or listen to rain but Gideon insists on experience it with all five senses at once.  

His second favorite place to be is in mama and daddy's bed snuggling, playing, hiding, or watching BB (TV).    

He loves humus, 


Legos (bordering on obsession), 

play-doh (as long as he doesn't actually have to touch it too much), 

dancing on tables,





and dinosaurs.

He is still not a very picky eater (knock on wood)  (no I am serious, knock on some wood)  (do it) and loves lima beans, shrimp, fish, brussels sprouts, cajun chicken pasta, bean burritos, all quesadillas, all beans, grapes, blueberries, blackberries, watermelon, all the applesauce, sausage, pancakes, pumpkin is easier to make a list of things he doesn't like really (peas).

He loves playdates with his buddies Flint, Lyla, Haydrienne, Aidan, and Violet and I hope they are friends forever.  

He can't get enough of his family; grammas, grampas, aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone gets smiles, kisses and hugs.  We are incredibly lucky to live near so much family and to have the love and support of our family who live far away.

We are working on words, he has been slow to say things spontaneously, even though he has a great understanding when spoken to, but he is pretty good at repeating when asked.  He says please, can point to all of his important body parts (including elbows, or bow bows as he calls them), loves animal sounds (roosters and giraffes included), knows up and down, sings several songs cutely though poorly (my apologies to the Wheels on the Bus and Skidda-Marinky Dinky-Dink), and is starting to get as good at going down the stairs as he is at going up.

I feel like I am forgetting things.  What you really need to know is that he is a funny, odd, silly, sometimes grumpy, occasionally naughty, but always lovable and forever loved two year old boy.


  1. aaaah i just love his birthday video! (well, all of the videos really) happy birthday, dude!