Monday, April 1, 2013


I would like to start our Easter discussion with this:

who needs a neck when you are this cute?

Captain Smiley reporting for rabbit duty

Gideon is starting to reconsider his stance on giant rabbits

Is  your mind blown?  mine is, and I have seen this comparison several times in the last few days.

I love Easter, it is such a low stress/high fun holiday.  Like Christmas it is better with lots of children but without the time/money/stress investment Christmas sometimes can bring.

The husbandit is amazing and totally let me sleep in til 8 Easter morning and after I got up we gave Gideon his basket.  He was a big fan of the Darth Bunny, parachute bunnies, new sidewalk chalk, and magic coloring book (the magic is that the special marker only works on the special paper).

Oh no!  Darth Vader has infiltrated Easter!


Darth bunny meets parachute bunny.  "hi."

Bunny drop

This year Mom, Rock, Bethany, Jeremy, amd Liyah all joined Mac, Gideon, and I at Mac's parents house for an egg hunt and lunch.  Mac's sister, Maggie, her boyfriend Chris, her awesome daughter Peyton, and longtime family friends Alan and Deanna also joined us making for a great, if not noisy, party.

The kids immediately got down to some serious playing while Chris and Maggie played Easter bunny in the back yard.

Miss Liyah at her tea party

she is pretty sure Gideon is doing it wrong

Desperate to hunt some eggs

Admiring her CC Bunny basket

so much good stuff!

Gideon giving his new whistle a try

The egg hunt was pretty hilarious.  The kids were really into the eggs, balloons, and toys for about 5 minutes, then they just wanted to play with each other.   We were fine with that and helped out by walking around picking up eggs (and eating the jelly beans inside...or was that just me?) and getting in some playtime too!

Gideon picked up ALL of the balloons; he thought they were pretty great.

getting a little assistance

looking for more balloons

Liyah is pretty good at this, just like her mom was!

the older (slightly) kids loved giving Liyah rides in the car

plaid pushers

Epic photo bomb by Chris

I love this cheese face

Mac gave a lot of car rides
Wait for me Uncle Bubbs!



After the egg hunt came the food.  There are no pictures of the food because we were all too busy eating and eating and eating and eating, to take any.  We had a giant ham, sausages, green bean casserole, au gratin potatoes, baked carrots, macaroni and cheese, bacon ranch pea salad, lime jello salad, deviled eggs, coconut cream pie, cheese cake, homemade carrot cake, homemade banana pudding, cookies, and of course, lots of candy.  I heard several people proclaim that they would never eat again.

After lunch the children ransacked Peyton's room in a frenzy that can only be brought on by a lack of naps while the grown ups chatted and tried to stave off food comas.  Maggie and I got the giggles and decided to play with some moustaches.  I could not contain my laughter.  I blame all the jelly beans.
Facial hair runs in the family

Gideon isn't so sure about this moustache thing

he is forced to eat his way out of the moustache

Mom-mom is no help

I totally lost it

Another great cheese face

Moustache love


We got home a little after 2 and put Gideon down for a much needed nap.  Later we decided the best way to enjoy the perfect weather was a family walk and playing with Giddy's new sidewalk chalk.

family chalk outlines, not creepy at all

checking out the art

this one's me!

comparing himself to daddy

just hanging out in the chalk
 It was a great day.

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