Thursday, June 13, 2013

First Movie!

Today GG and I took Gideon to his first movie in a theatre!  I know, it sounds crazy to take a 2 year old to a movie theatre but in my defense he sits through Wall-e, Cinderella, and Wreck it Ralph with no problem at home and the movie we took him to was a 70 minute kids' matinee that I was happy to walk out of if things got rough.  But things didn't get rough, in fact he LOVED it.  Since Clifford's Really Big Movie was the film du jour we brought along Giddy's stuffed big red dog which he was happy to snuggle in his own seat.  He only had to sit in my lap once during a chase scene.  He covered his eyes like he does during the Gus Gus fighting the chickens scene in Cinderella and never made a peep and when it was over went back to smiling and pointing and being generally thrilled with his existence.  We are definitely going to take him back to their next G-rated offering.

Sitting with Clifford

snuggling with GG

Movies are AWESOME

This is why we need kids movies in TX

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