Saturday, February 1, 2014

Be a Knight and do your birthday Right!

Gideon's birthday party was pretty crazy awesome this year.  With it being cold and flu season we had fully expected that many people wouldn't be able to make it but we were pleasantly surprised that we got to spend the day with most of our family and friends.  Gideon is really into Mike the Knight so the party theme was knights!  When the kids entered they had to pull a sword from the stone, put on their knight tunic (proof that I can use my sewing machine), decorate their shield, and then head over to the castle to play like a little crazy person.

We also set out Mike the Knight coloring pages and crayons for the kids, but they were actually more popular with the adults.  (when I was cleaning up after the party I found many masterpieces that could only have been created by adult hands)

My favorite part was the photo booth we set up so families and friends could take silly pictures together.

After playtime came lunch,


and blueberry lemon cupcakes!

It was a full day that left all three of us exhausted and feeling very lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives who love our son almost as much as we do!

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