Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The cat is trying to escape from the bag...

So it turns out people just love telling other people you are pregnant, even when you told them not to. Sheesh. Of course it doesn't help that I have told a few people myself, but it was necessary! First of all, in order to manage my morning sickness I have been eating constantly, therefore I already look 4 months pregnant with twins, secondly it sucks feeling like crap and having to pretend you feel fine.

The dads were pretty excited about our news on Saturday, although my dad immediately started asking who else already knew; he is a heat seeking missile for the truth. Of course now I am finding out that both dads went home and told the extended families. Sigh.

I can't believe I have to wait until the 19th for another doctor appointment. I wonder what that will be all about. Will I get to hear the heartbeat? I hope so. I am such a anxious person, I am already worried again.

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  1. Each appointment is such a relief...and then you worry, worry, worry until the next one. I always thought, "I'll stop worrying in the 2nd trimester when everything proves to be healthy and normal". But then there'd be a weird cramp or twinge...and I'd worry anyway. Figured I'd REALLY stop worrying the 3rd trimester when the baby was OBVIOUSLY still there. But then there'd be very little baby movement for a whole day...and I'd worry again. I thought I'd put a stop to all of this worrying once the baby was born and we could see for ourselves that she was healthy.

    The baby was born and...well, if it's any indication the way our parents still worry about us, I have come to realize that you just never stop worrying from the moment you realize you are pregnant!! :) Oh well, it's totally worth it!