Saturday, September 11, 2010

Soccer Player?

Normally when the baby gets to moving around a bunch A. you can't feel it from the outside and B. it stops if I put my hand in the area of movement. Tonite I felt some little flutter kicks and put my hand in the area and WHAM! Spud kicked the crud out of me. I was shocked! I went on the living room where Mac was watching the Rangers game and told him to put his hand in the same spot and nothing happened. On the way back to my desk WHAM another kick! So I ran back to Mac and made him try again. I felt a few small flutters but Mac didn't feel anything and I was about to give up when WHAM! It was pretty cool/borderline unsettling. I told Mac it's like one of your organs has decided to fight back. He thinks it may be related to watching Haydrienne's soccer game this morning. I think it probably has more to do with going to Rosa's afterwards :)


  1. Ha ha! Reminds me of the hours I would make Eric rest his hand on my belly and me asking, "Didja feel that?...that? about that?" And then when the kicks were visible I'd make him watch my belly...he learned to have one eye on the belly and one eye on the Cardinals game. I hated when the baby would get all shy when I wanted someone else to feel it! I'm glad Mac has been able to feel. It makes it a little more real for the daddy.