Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's it gonna be?

Well then, I will tell you. It is a boy! woo woo! Go Team Edwards! Way to create a penis!!

We went yesterday for the 20 week anatomy scan and it confirmed that Baby E is healthy, strong and a dude. In fact the tech said it was "unmistakable" so I supposed he will always be comfortable in a locker room setting (which is good since he is going to be the next Peyton Manning and buy his mama a house). My in-laws were able to join us and it was really fun letting them find out from the source that there will be an heir to the Edwards name. More pics from yesterday's scan may be found in my preggo folder on Picasa here.

This morning, I wondered if I should maybe change the name of the blog, now that gender has been "determined," but honestly so much is left to be decided. Mac and I are not agreeing on names right now (this battle may continue into the delivery room as we are both pretty set on our name choice). We haven't picked a crib or bedding or a color for the walls (oh lord there is a LOT to do!). So I think the blog title will stay as is.

Alright it's time to get ready for my sister-in-law's baby shower. Have a good day blog land!


  1. Yay baby BOY Edwards!!!
    Do you ever peruse ohdeedoh nurseries? Jenny's (Lila's) nursery was published on that site. They have really great ideas for nurseries.

    Headed over to see more Picasa prego pics now!

  2. Yay Baby Boy E!!! :)

    So excited! Baby Boy Q will have a best buddy! And I know what you mean about names. Just think, though, you have another 20 weeks, perhaps, to figure it out. We're down to the last 3. Eek!


  3. Hey! Now we know that SPUD is a STUD! :) VERY cool news, you guys!

  4. Laina & Jess were totally undecided until baby girl-Knight was about 2 days old. Madeline was their back-up name if they couldn't agree on anything else, and I have to say that, having met her, Madeline just seems to suit her. Sometimes that's what it takes.