Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So last night was thrilling. Well for me and the dogs at least. Long story short, there was hail, tornado sirens, barking dogs, climbing in the closet under the stairs (also known as the Harry Potter closet), waiting for the husbandit to return from a rained out Rangers game, watching said game getting evacuated on the news, talking to my sister as she crouched in her closet hoping a tornado wouldn't hit her apartment, talking to my mom after a tornado touched down right by her house, and of course, cleaning out the dogs cage and giving her a bath after she did something seriously gross in there. I have never been so stressed as I was watching the weather radar and the storms that were following Mac around all night. I was never so relieved as I was when he walked in the door. Best part of the night? Through all of the noise and stress Gideon never woke up. Even when I took him out of bed and got into the closet with the dogs, the little man just snoozed away. He loves his routine and just refuses to acknowledge all deviations.

A couple of weeks ago Mac went on the annual Adams Family Fishing trip with my brother, dad, uncles, and other son-in-laws. In previous years the men have caught well over 100 fish and we throw a big Adams Family Fish Fry soon after. This year they went on Friday the 13th, caught only 2 fish (thanks to the husbandit and my brother), and got stranded in the middle of lake Texoma after the boat they were in broke. Poor guys. Gideon thought he might get to go if he wore a fishing hat. Luckily my dad says he can't go on the boat until he is "house broke."

I think he didn't mind too much though because he was in the middle of a really good book.

Last week Gideon decided he was going to speak only in loud, high-pitched, tones. Hilarious.

In other news, Giddy rolled over for the first time on his own yesterday! I got it on video because I suspected it might happen any day. He is a very hard worker during tummy time. He has the legs all figured out but his arms are less than ideally placed for the most part. He got one stuck under him yesterday and that was all he needed to get rolling. Unfortunately he didn't see the link between arm position and his success and proceeded to fail at each subsequent attempt. This made him VERY MAD. Our flip cam is giving me trouble so all videos have been taken with my phone :(

Also fun, two rattles at once. You can't go back to just one rattle when you have experienced the thrill of two.

Teething is my least favorite thing right now. Gideon will no longer drink warm milk, it has to be cold or he won't allow it in his mouth, poor little guy. Speaking of, it is bottle time!

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  1. So sweet!
    Also, be warned. Rolling is just the start of a cascading avalanche of skills, all prerequisites to mobility, which seems spectacular at first. However, my aching body will attest that it is not all its cracked up to be.