Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Well I definitely like this Mother's Day thing! Friday night the in-laws came over for gifts and stuffed crust pizza (my favorite). They gave me a beautiful, vintage inspired locket and I am soooo glad Emily came and took picture Saturday morning so that I can find a perfect picture of my guys to put in it. Sunday morning I slept in til 9 (that is SO LATE!) and woke up to a baby in the bed. Mac took some fairly terrible pictures of me and Gideon (and my sleepy eyes and messy hair) and then we went downstairs for pancakes, strawberries, mimosas and presents. Gideon gave me a picture of himself with a foam casting of his hand and foot. I suspect Mac may have helped him with this particular project. Mac gave me a giant bottle of my favorite perfume (Happy Heart), just in the nick of time too because I am pretty much out of my old bottle. Afterwards I played Final Fantasy XIII while the boys napped upstairs. Pretty perfect. In the evening we braved the crowds and heat and went out to dinner with mom, Rock, and Bethany at Olive Garden. Mom seemed to like the book and journal I got her and Bethany gave me this awesome t-shirt that says "New Mom 2011." I am glad she bought one for herself too so now we wear them together :) I am so happy to be a part of the "mom" club!

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