Sunday, June 19, 2011


Last Thursday Gideon and I drove out to lake Palestine by Tyler to visit Dad, Debbie, Brett, Nicole, Aunt Chris, Uncle Paul, Cousin Ashley, and Cousin Taylor. I love it when people get to meet Gideon for the first time because they inevitably fall in love with his sweet little face. For his part Gideon was a little trooper, taking naps and sleeping through the night in his pack-n-play; he made his mama very proud. I got to have a nice long talk with Aunt Chris, catch up with Ashley (who always amazes me with her fantastic self confidence and drive to complete her goals), relax with dad, Debbie, Brett and Nicole, and of course eat Nicole's amazing Tiramasu cake (ridiculous). I am really glad I made the trip out there. Here is a video of Aunt Chris giving Gideon the giggles with her Yogi Bear impression.

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