Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Low key 3 day weekend

It was a nice three day weekend for the most part (aside from some family drama). Aunt Bethany came out and babysat on Saturday night (the husbandit and I went to see Super 8, which was like a mix of E.T., District 9, and The Goonies. Therefore it was awesome.) and I am told Gideon had a good time. Sunday, Gideon and I visited with Michelle who had just been put on bedrest, so we could give her the mobile I made for Violet's room. Turned out it was just in the nick of time because Michelle went into labor that night and Violet was born the next morning! We got to hang out with Luke, Emily, Flint, Kerry, Melissa, Haydrienne, and eventually Craig in the waiting room at the hospital before finally getting to sneak a peak at Miss Violet. We are all soooooo happy for the Rebone family!

We spent the rest of the day with Grandma and Grandpa Edwards eating hot dogs, fritos, chili, cole slaw, and beans. It was fantastic and I regret nothing!!!!

Yesterday Gideon decided he was going to say "DaDa" which pretty much made Mac's day, if not year. Here he is practicing his new word:

The boy is also getting pretty darn good at this sitting thing:

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