Wednesday, November 2, 2011

9 month appointment

Our 30 day photo challenge asks that today we post a picture of Gideon's favorite place to be. Unfortunately, Giddy started his day at his least favorite place, the doctor's office. Don't get my wrong, he loves Dixie and Dr. G (they are very awesome) but finger pricks and shots are at the top of his "Do Not Want" list.

9 month check up stats:
Weight - 23pounds 12.5ounces
Height - 29.6 inches
Head circumference - 18.5 inches

...he is in the 90th percentile across the board, which honestly does not come as a surprise to, well, anyone.

With that out of the way I had to consider his favorite place. Where is it that he is always happy? Where does he want to be? Of course he loves snuggling with mamma and daddy but he often wriggles out of our grasp in order to scoot around the room. And then it dawned on me, Gideon's favorite place is exactly where he shouldn't be, i.e. under the furniture

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  1. ...Unfortunately mid century furniture practically is made for babies to crawl under.