Saturday, June 30, 2012

And away we go...

Taking Gideon on his first plane ride has filled Mac and I both with so much anxiety that it was difficult to focus on the reason why we were getting on the plane in the first place.  Our anxiety was really all for nothing because Gideon is awesome (duh).  The airline was less then awesome when they told us (as we were standing in a cramped airplane aisle with a baby and a giant carseat) that our particular seats were too close to the exit row to use a carseat.   They actually offered to check the seat like I was going to be all "sure, yeah, a lap belt is PLENTY of protection of my 17 month old.  He's just my whole world and stuff but I have no problem being cavalier about his safety."  Nope.  Luckily a wonderful woman and her sweet daughters traded seats with us.  What steams me the most about this (besides the offer to go sans safety seat) is A. I picked those seats myself online and they were no where near the exit row so their online map must be wrong and B. that the airline knew we were traveling with a baby and carseat and must have known on some level that or chosen seats wouldn't accommodate us and yet let us walk on the plane and piss people off anyway.  Fortunately those few aggravated minutes were really the only low point of a trip filled with high points.  The child babbled and ate and played and was generally charming and a pleasure to be around for all (except for the girl in front of him who got to feel his feet in her back every 10 sorry!).  And in true Gideon fashion he waited until our decent to fall fast asleep.
We're going where?!?
Ready to go!
It's early...

Finally settled into his seat
Doing some light reading
Plane Selfie

Best. Distraction. Ever.

Asleep for the landing

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