Sunday, July 1, 2012

First full day

Our first day in Washington (like just about every other day of the trip) was a busy one.  Due to the time difference we woke up quite a bit earlier than everyone else.  Gideon was getting rambunctious so we thought we might walk to the store for coffee.  We got outside and discovered A. it was raining and B. we had locked ourselves out of the house.  An auspicious start to our vacation!  The rest of the family got up soon after (Crystal first because she had to let us back in the house) and we went for donuts before heading to the Seattle Museum of Flight.  The donut shop was very fancy, think Starbucks with a crazy selection of sweet, baked goodness.

The Museum of Flight was highly anticipated since we had seen the Super Guppy flying overhead while on a quick shopping trip the day before and could not wait to see the massive plane in person.  We got their pretty early, which allowed the kids to run around like little crazy people in the grass.  Gideon actually wore a jacket, it was crazy.

 Turns out the inside of the museum was just as good as the outside.  We got to look at awesome space stuff, and plane stuff, and flight stuff.  Lots of really rad stuff.

Mission control, Nathan speaking

The seats were much roomier in the 60s

Gideon landing planes like a pro

Lunch was crazy

Trainer shuttle capsule

Nixon's airforce one

The Planes, The Planes!

Gideon the astronaught

The Super Guppy on display 

Ali perpetrating one of the best photo bombs of all time

After the museum we were pretty beat and went home for naps, and relaxation, and to drive little cars on Gideon's head.

That night Crystal and Jason got a babysitter and took us out for one of the best food moments of my life also known as a restaurant called Poppy.  

From their website:
"jerry traunfeld’s capitol hill restaurant brings a new style of dining to the northwest. jerry’s inspiration comes from the “thali,” a platter served to each guest holding a variety of small dishes. poppy’s menu borrows the idea of the thali to present jerry’s own style of northwest cooking, highlighting seasonal ingredients, fresh herbs, and spices. it’s a modern northwest tasting menu served all at once."

And by modern northwest tasting menu they mean "explosion of awesome happiness in your mouth."  In order to enter the restaurant you have to (get to) walk through a delicious smelling herb garden and once inside your life becomes full of gladness and light.  We tried everything they had to offer including the vegetarian fare and amazing dessert thalis and it was like heaven.  Possibly most surprising was their variety of cocktails featuring herbs from the garden.  We loved it so much we were sad to leave and took a menu home with us!

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