Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cousin Liyah

Auntie Bethany found herself abruptly between babysitters so Cousin Liyah came to play with us for a few days.  It was crazy, hectic, chaotic, toddler fun (with just a little bit of crying...by me)

Watch for flying blocks

I can't stop laughing at this

Gates are so frustrating for toddlers

Open  Open  Open

Now she likes having blocks on her head

Spending some quality time with their babies

little cutie pies


Liyah is taking her baby and getting out of this mad house

Giddy offers some assistance

Just hanging out in the pop up fort

Surveying the crayons and stickers

Pipe cleaners are amazing

Modeling the latest in pipe cleaner fashions

hanging out in a box

Surprise they were both in there
And of course there are videos:

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