Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Two years in a row Mac and I have managed to go overboard for Valentine's day.  We are nuts.  For our Valentine's Day present to each other Mac and I got tickets to a dinner at the zoo where we get to meet penguins and drink cocktails.  Pretty much the best thing ever.  Part of the package is the adoption of two penguins at the zoo and part of the adoption is getting two stuffed penguins which we gave to Gideon.  He was a big fan.

I love how excited he gets about stuff

That guy is definitely his favorite.  We named him Sergio after the penguin in Giddy's favorite books

Going for a walk with his penguin

New tv watching buddies

Later Giddy and I put on our new matching shirts (more presents!) and had a tea party.  It was interesting.

Situation normal

A dinosaur joins us at the table

All great parties involve buckets on heads, right?

After daddy got home Gideon got his last present, a new boat for the bathtub!

So our child is officially spoiled rotten.

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