Thursday, April 17, 2014

Second Trimester!

Hooray for the second trimester!  This time around I felt pretty awful for most of first tri.  I was always exhausted, and nauseous, to the point that I tried cooking ground turkey for dinner once and had to put it (spatula, pan, and all) out on the back porch until the husbandit got home to clean it up for me.  We've been eating a lot of take out for the past few weeks.  So now I am in second tri and while still exhausted I am feeling much better and hope to be blogging (and cooking) again soon.  Gideon has been adorable, started speech therapy and a cooking class, and has really turned into a sweet quirky little boy.  We took a family vacation to San Diego and it turned out to be the best week ever after a few bumps in the road.  And I may or may not be able to reveal the gender of baby blueberry very soon.  So stay tuned and hopefully I will be back on this blogging wagon in the next couple of days!

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