Sunday, May 4, 2014

Scarborough Fair

Every year Mac says to me "we should go to Scarborough Fair." and I say "Ooo that's a great idea!" and I run to my computer only to discover that its been over for weeks and we missed it again.

BUT WAIT, this year was different, this year Mac mentioned it in April and it turns out we didn't miss it!  To celebrate we actually attended the fair this year and it was amazing.

A guy juggled fire, for real

The tenth Doctor was there with the Tardis, so, obviously this was authentic

Gideon is now a knight 

I ate my first ever turkey leg

The jousting was amazing and Gideon got to meet the Blue Knight (who was his favorite even though he was completely useless on the field)!

I had an authentic renaissance dirty feet experience

He was completely and utterly worn out and fell asleep within 10 minutes of leaving the fair

And we got a family picture!
I highly recommend this renaissance festival.  Not only were their excellent shows, food, and vendors, but the park is also covered in beautiful old trees making it so shady and cool that we hardly noticed we had chosen the hottest day of the year for our visit.  You can find out more here

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