Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rainbow Bubble Snakes of DOOOOOOOOM

A while back I pinned rainbow bubble snakes to one of my boards and have watched almost daily as people repinned it over and over again.  This morning we had some time to kill so I figured I would give it a shot (idea and instructions came from this awesome blog

It took a while to find a water bottle, in the end we used an old soda bottle from Gideon's box of craft stuff, but otherwise the materials (dish soap, old sock) were easy to locate and assemble (cut off bottom of bottle, slide on the sock, mix a little water in with soap in a dish) and before we knew it we were outside blowing bubble snakes like professionals.

At the end of the original blog post she mentions that her kids made rainbow bubbles by putting drops of food coloring on the sock end of the blower.  she says " It was a bit messy, but the kids LOVED it!  Lots of fun giggles." Well obviously I would be a bad mom if I didn't go for the fun and giggles so I grabbed some green and blue and we tried it out.  At first it was like "WOW, COLORED BUBBLES!"

Then it was "Oops colored hands" but no big deal.

Then my husband got home from racquetball and was all "AHHH, colored table"

(he got out a sponge and started cleaning like the awesome guy he is.  I kept on blowing bubbles)
I think the real mistake came when someone said Gideon looked like the Hulk, after that Gideon did all he could to get all the colored bubbles on every part of his body.

It's hard to tell here but he has a pale green face

All culminating in a long shower and green fingers at soccer class today.  Oh and a blue green picnic table and blue and green stained pj shirt.  Andplusalso a stained patio.  And I have blue feet.

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