Thursday, May 15, 2014

Guess what...

On Easter this year I was stealthy and put an egg I had made into the hunt at my dad's house.

My two biggest fears about having a girl are:

1. I am not very good at "girly" things.  What if my daughter wants me to do complicated braids or make-up?  I guess I am lucky I have youtube.

2. Baby girl poop diapers.  Let's face it, poop in baby vagina is a nightmare

The two things I am most excited about having a little girl are:

1. Girl clothes are much more fun than boy clothes.  Even though I am not into pink or princess there are still a million more awesome girl clothes and shoes options than for boys.

2. Gideon having a sibling.  I can't wait for Giddy to have someone to play with and fight with and love, especially someday when Mac and I are no longer able to be there.

Any other awesome/scary thing I should add to my lists?


  1. Trying to leave a blog comment... take 2!

    My dear, having a daughter is quite the awesome thing. And in really unexpected ways. You will grow to appreciate Mr. G even more and with him being the older sibling, you will seek out special time together. Nathan and I sometimes have hot cider and play cards after Ali falls asleep.

    Any poopy diaper is a nightmare in my book. I counted down for potty training. HATE diapers!

    And girls definitely aren't all pink and butterflies. Ali's favorite color is red and she even enjoys going with us to Uncles Games to play Pokémon. She has since recruited some of her little girlfriends. She was the first one diving in to have a light saber fight but yet will burst into Frozen songs or perhaps a bit of Selena Gomez should it strike her fancy.

    I am the worst at hair styling. Youtube is very helpful but I recommend the two piece French braid. You literally just take two pieces of hair and cross them over each other and then add to them, cross them over and so on and so forth. It looks very professional yet takes all of two seconds and two brain cells to do. If I can do that, so can you. Because I am so utterly hopeless at hair. By the time makeup matters, she will be doing it for herself. Before then she is meant to look like a clown :)

    I have found that daughters, because they are little woman, seem to have a built in understanding of how other woman around them think. On even the most emotional, trying day, that understanding makes it all worth it. I love when she looks at me as I am tucking her into bed and begs to have her hair like mine (which is usually piled up so I can wash my face) because 'everyone knows that we are twins.'

    Anyways, it's ok to be scared. But just know, that it will be awesome