Sunday, December 12, 2010


Okay, it is official, my family is totally awesome (and sneaky)!

Today was the annual Adams Family Christmas Party, it is something I look forward to every holiday season because it is always relaxing, funny, and delicious. Yes, delicious. There is always good food, good company, and a funny white elephant gift exchange. This year my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Joe hosted the party at their home in Greenville and since that can be somewhat of a trek my siblings and I decided to car pool (ie Jeremy and Bethany hitched a ride in the Soul). We arrived a few minutes late (Bethany's fault), said our hello's and grabbed some delicious barbecue. After we finished eating my Aunt Peggy went into the back and then returned with an adorable diaper cake complete with Gideon's name on it. At this point I thought "Wow! That is so sweet!" but I had no clue that there was anything else to come. Then suddenly there were presents everywhere! Turns out this was a surprise baby shower! My family is so good at keeping secrets! My dad is normally pretty bad at it (he turns bright red and gets this goofy smile when he has a secret) so I am pretty proud of him. My Aunt Peggy and cousins recently gave me their addresses for my friend baby shower and acted like nothing was going on. My brother and sister even brought extra gifts for the shower and I didn't even notice. Seriously, I didn't have a clue. Everyone got us great stuff like adorable clothes, toys and baby essentials. Dad and Debbie even got us out car seat, which means Gideon officially has a way to get home (phew! what a relief). After I opened my presents the party continued with the white elephant exchange and lots of great conversation. I was a little relieved to have the attention off of me, I don't know how celebrities do it! Being watched made me so nervous. Not that I didn't enjoy myself, how could I not? Everyone was so kind and made Mac and me feel so loved and special. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!

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