Friday, March 25, 2011

Daddy is SO funny

Mac has always been able to make Gideon smile, they have such a neat bond. Earlier this evening Mac was laughing at something on TV and Gideon totally smiled when he heard it. That's pretty cool. Well just a few minutes ago I was getting a bottle ready and Mac was distracting Gideon with some daddy business because there is very little Mac won't do to make his boy smile. When the bottle was ready I decided to wait because Gideon was obviously enjoying himself and I have to admit I was getting a giggle out of it as well. Low and behold the little guy actually laughed!!! Now granted, the kid laughs in his sleep fairly frequently but this was the first time he actually found something funny enough to laugh and it was CUTE. Of course I grabbed the camera (which I keep handy) and was lucky enough to get his second laugh on film (is it really on film? this digital age is messing with my writing). So here it is for your viewing and listening pleasure. I have to admit we have watched a few times ourselves.

1 comment:

  1. Oh his smile is so darling. He gives me baby fever...good thing I have one in the oven. Ha!