Monday, March 7, 2011

I have been remiss!

Its true, I have been avoiding my blog. I was going through a tough time and didn't have very many positive things to say. Things are looking up so i thought I would give you all a quick update.

Gideon is doing well. After we switched him to the alimentum formula (for babies with protein sensitivity ($25 a can(!!!!))) he developed acid reflux (turns out breastmilk is a natural antacid). Now that he has been on baby Zantac for a few days he is much better but we had many looooong nights with
the poor baby crying after being fed because he was in pain. Totally broke mommy's heart. Yesterday (his 5 week anniversary) he started cooing and talking to mommy while we were playing on his mat in the living room. Its pretty cute and I am working on getting a video of it for daddy since he always seems to miss these things (having to work is lame!). Speaking of daddy, he is awesome! Everyday after work he lets me go on a little field trip, even if it is just to the grocery store or the gas station, just so I can get out of the house, listen to the radio, drive my car. It is really nice. Today I am getting a carwash and buying a rug at walmart. Gideon is wonderful and adorable and fantastic but there are moments when all that gets me through is the knowledge that soon daddy will be home.

Gideon is named after Mac's maternal grandfather Roy Mack (hence the Mack spelling and not Mac like daddy) and recently Roy Mack has been pretty sick so this past weekend we packed up the car with everything but the kitchen sink and drove the 6 hours to Amarillo to visit him in the hospital. Gideon slept most of the way, besides stops at a Carl's jr (lame) and a "safety rest stop" (awesome) along the way for a bottle and diaper change. Visiting with the family was nice and we are glad Gideon got to meet his great grandpa but I would not recommend long road trips with a 5 week old. Turns out, when a baby is lulled to sleep for hours during the day by the car, they stay up all night!

Last week Emily came over (btw Emily is awesome and amazing and I owe her several cokes and favors) and took Star Wars themed pics of Gideon and his buddy Flint. They are so cute! Here are a couple of my favs:

How cute is Mister Flint? Seriously that kid is great, I am so excited for when he and Gideon are really buddies and not just two kids sitting new to each other lol.
Okay I can hear Gideon waking up so I am going to go get a bottle going. Laters!


  1. Sometimes it is hard to be positive in those first few weeks even months. I had a hard time especially after every one left, I constantly had someone with me for about the first three weeks. After that I almost felt powerless, clueless, and helpless, that was when my friend reminded my that Simon was portable. Even though it takes some practice to get used to getting out of the house with him, planning a short outing every day gave me something to focus on and something to do. Most days it was something simple like a trip to the drive thru to get a coke or coffee, but believe it or not it made me feel so much better to feel like I had a small piece of my former life back. It's funny the little things you don't realize you will miss.

  2. So glad things are feeling more least for small chunks of time. Ha! You 3 are just an awesome family. I love how you're working things out and sharing the load. Keep the stories coming.

  3. I think our babies resemble their Star Wars buddies. Well, at least Flint is a wookie.