Friday, March 9, 2012

Holy, long time since the last update, Batman!

It has been awhile since this blog had a real update. I am trying to think of all of the things that have been going on since Gideon's birthday and my brain feels overloaded.

We have been making a transition to a "normal" life that is more family oriented than Gideon oriented, not that he isn't still the center of our world, we are just doing more together. My favorite change is dinner time. It used to be that Mac would get home, give Gideon a bottle while I made Gideon's dinner, then feed Gideon dinner while I made our dinner, then we would put Gideon to bed. This meant Mac spent most of his limited time with Gideon feeding him, and we ended up eating cold, late, dinners every night. Now I give Gideon his bottle before daddy gets home (I can't wait til this bottle thing is over), then we all eat dinner together at the table once Mac gets home. After dinner we all get to play until bed/bath time. It's nice to decompress and talk and eat together. It is also nice to just make one dinner. These days Giddy and I eat all of our meals together at the table which is cutting down on his tv exposure and giving me time to do something other than eat during his naps. It is probably good for him to see us eating with silverware and talking too.

(Black bean and cajun chicken face)

Speaking of food, I am going to knock on wood..done...and then say I am so proud of him! He loves humus, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, lima beans, bagels, and pretty much anything you give him. I hope this lasts. Now I am going to go knock on wood again...done.

On his birthday Gideon was almost walking and at his party he was able to take a few tentative steps, but for a few weeks afterwards he had no interest. This child likes to be sure before he goes all in. He tried walking, wasn't sure he liked it, moved on. Now he walks EVERYWHERE, it is wonderful and terrifying all at once. His odd little gait always makes it appear as though he could fall over at any time but somehow he makes it to his destination, most of the time. He is even starting to refuse my hand in public, choosing to walk on his own like a big boy, and looking very proud of himself for it.

Gideon wants to be outside all of the time. He loves sunshine, wind, rain, all of it. Luckily we have a raincoat now or I would be the owner of one very angry indoor baby. Now that he is walking being outside is a lot more fun and involves a lot less lumpishness. He used to sit in the grass, just taking the world in, now he walks around brandishing a hose attachment at the dog and picking out rocks from the flower bed. Very entertaining.

Before we turn in for the night, Mac and I tip toe into Gideon's room to check on him before falling back to our bedroom. Then we usually spend a couple of minutes talking about how cute he looked as if the other person isn't totally aware because they were also there. The conversation usually goes along the lines of "Did you see his little leg? It was through the bars of the crib, how cute is that? He is so cute!" The last few nights the conversation has turned to "someday we won't be able to check on him because he will be all grown up!" Followed by a moment of panic. It's silly because of course we want him to grow up and find his way to love and happiness, but it's hard to believe that he might someday be 6 foot tall and not want to watch Curious George while snuggling on the couch. That will be the worst! So I am going to just not think about that for now and enjoy our sweet little guy.

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