Saturday, March 17, 2012

What A (long) Weekend, Part II - Lyla's Party

Despite our best efforts we were still an hour late for Lyla's birthday party which I felt pretty crappy about. When we got there things were already in full swing, with kiddos riding horses (well the horse was being led around the pen by a guide but you could tell the kids were pretty proud of themselves), feeding goats, and running around like little crazies on the huge playground. Gideon even got a bandanna and a pic on the back of their extremely sweet horse.

AND he got to feed a goat!

As usual the party was amazing, thanks to the efforts of Emily and Sally who should probably start a professional party planning business. The kids bobbed for apples, played games, ate amazing food, got bandannas and cowboy hats to keep, beat up on a cowboy boot pinata, and had a FANTASTIC time.

(seriously, how cute is this?)

We felt very lucky to be included again this year, I can't believe Lyla is already 4 years old! I remember the day she was born, crazy!



Once we got home we took it easy until Gideon passed out for the night. Mac and I also went to bed pretty early because the next day was Grandpa Tim's birthday party!

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