Monday, March 19, 2012

What A (long) Weekend, Part IV- The zoo!

We saved the best for last by planning to take Gideon on his first zoo trip on Monday. All week long the weather forecast was all doom and gloom predicting violent storms, flooding, and tornadoes starting Monday morning. Our backup plan was to take Gideon to Ikea (an Edwards Family Favorite) but I reallllly wanted to be able to go to the zoo.

Monday morning dawned cloudy and ominous but as the day went on no rain fell. After his nap we packed up the boy and headed out to the Fort Worth Zoo. The weather was wonderful, warm, windy, and only a little humid. Since last week was spring break for the rest of Texas, the zoo was practically empty and while it did mean that many zoo shops were closed (no homemade fudge :( ) it also meant that we only had to contend with about 20 other zoo patrons.

I have to admit, for the most part Gideon wasn't all that impressed by individual animals.

The flamingos got a second look, the turtle tank was pretty interesting and the otters garnered a smile, but it was really the people that got Gideon's attention.

Even if he is not yet impressed by enormous elephants, cute baby chimps, and ferocious tigers, I do believe he had a great time, relaxing in the awesome zoo stroller, eating at Burger King, people watching (intently), and soaking up the great weather in his favorite of all places - OUTSIDE!

We stayed for about 3 hours then headed home. The rain didn't start (and it was a soaking rain of over 3 inches) until dinner time but my storm loving boy enjoyed his bath listening to the rain drops and slept all night long, totally undisturbed by the thunder and lightening.

(post zoo car pass out)

It was such a good weekend that Tuesday morning was depressing! I am so lucky to have such great friends and family. Most of all I am grateful to have Mac and Gideon in my life. This time last year we were exhausted new parents, the year before that we were trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant, and the year before that we spent St. Patrick's day in Dallas drinking green beer and watching the Old 97s play to a drunken audience. My how things have changed (and for the better)! Who know's what we will be up to next year?

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