Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bike Curious

We are now a family with bikes!  In true Edwards style we bought all of the accouterments before actually riding our bikes so we now have gloves, water bottles, water bottle mounts, calirometer, a pouch to hold our things, bells, lights, etc.  Today was out first ride and I have to admit it is very different from riding my bike as a kid.  The 8 year old me sailed down steep hills and flew around blind curves.  30 year old me took a corner a little too fast and almost peed herself.  The bike trailer was really the best part of the whole deal.  We ran into some friends at the park last week and Gideon tried out their trailer and fell in love which is perfect because now he can come on bike rides with us.

Helping daddy get the bikes ready

Just needs a small adjustment 

Safety first!

Its nice because this can actually hold two kids

Protected from rain, wind, and bugs

A quick pit stop at the park

We made all made it through our first ride in one piece!  Now we are officially a bike family!

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