Thursday, September 20, 2012

Video Round-up

I grabbed the flip cam today to take a video of Gideon and realized it had been a while since I had bothered to actually take any files off of the camera.  So now I present to you a video round-up:

The phone is ringing and, surprise, surprise, it's for Gideon!

What can I say, he loves the simple things in life, like being picked up by your pants.

For some reason Mac started touching Gideon's nose with the spoon and saying "Beep" when feeding him yogurt (probably because Daddy's number one goal in life is to make Giddy smile).  Now that Gideon feeds himself yogurt he is doing the same thing.  Let's hope this ends before the school cafeteria.

This video is too long and I have been avoiding posting it because I thought I would edit it down.  Now over a month has passed while I still haven't found the time but it is too cute not to share, even if it does seem to go on forever.  I present to you, toddlers playing ring around the rosie.  (near the middle Peyton adopts an adorably dramatic style of falling)

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