Thursday, March 7, 2013

Long walk

We went on a looooooong walk today to the park.

Scratch that, I went on a looooooong walk to the park today, Gideon got to cruise along in comfort and style.

Hittin' the road.  Water?  check.  Snack?  check.  Blanket?  check.

The park we found

Giddy was pretty excited about the "tree" we found on the way home.  Fancy that, a tree just small enough for a toddler to harass you with.

I am all for long walks but I think I underestimated the hill we live on.  It felt very gradual and comfortable as we were going down it on the way to the park.  The walk home made me feel like a sherpa on Everest.  It turned out to be 2 miles or so.  Go me!

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