Friday, March 22, 2013

Oklahoma is more than OK part III

Thursday dawned (at least I think it dawned, there wasn't really much sun) wet and dreary but it was warm and cozy in our cabin.  After the morning dam(n) horn (as I like to call it) rang we all got up and hung out while Grampa fixed biscuit, cheese omelettes, and tomato slices for breakfast.

Giddy and daddy snuggle under a blanket while watching the high water in the river

For some reason Gideon was stalking grampa

The river was swelled with rain

After breakfast we sang happy birthday to grampa who turned 66.  It's Gideon's favorite song so he really enjoyed it.

Gideon singing along

grampa enjoying his birthday song

A birthday hug

Darth Vader is very busy and has lots to do people

After breakfast we packed up the cars and got ready to head home.  Before we left we actually remembered to take a few family photos.

It really was a great trip and I look forward to doing it again many, many times over the coming years (and hopefully with lots more of our family and friends).  There was so much more to do (horse back riding, paddle boats, canoes, trails, etc) and hopefully next time we will have better weather and more days to explore.  But even with the rain the time spent together was priceless.  I learned so much about Dad and Debbie!  I don't think I will ever venture out into the woods again without our personal campfire girl :)

We are so lucky to have family so close who love and support all of us!

*Bonus:  On the way home we stopped at McDonalds for lunch and Mac took an adorable picture of Gideon and I, score!

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