Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oklahoma is more than OK part I

We just got back from a road trip to Oklahoma and we are exhausted.  My dad and Debbie had been on a road trip of their own since last Friday that included a wedding, an Amish creamery, and a trip to THE Branson Missouri and they decided to end it at a cabin in Beaver's Bend state park.  We were fortunate enough to be able to join them and I was really impressed by how awesome the park is.  It is only about 3 1/2 hours from our house (the portable blu-ray player came in very handy) and the roads there are pretty though empty.  As we crossed the border from Texas to Oklahoma the road turned bumpy and uneven which made us chuckle with Texas pride.  Those silly Oklahomans and their inability to maintain their roads.  We stopped at a Walmart in Broken Bow for groceries that was pretty much the worst Walmart I have ever seen (one kind of jelly, dirty floors, etc) but the employees were incredibly nice so we gave them +5 points (bringing them to a total of 5).  The cabin was perfect, right on the water, two bedrooms, comfy rocking chair, large deck with chairs, grill and fire pit, rocks to throw in the water, an intense but pleasant shower, and of course a non functioning tv.  Okay the TV was a little scary for me, but I sucked it up and actually enjoyed the outdoors for once (I also had no internet access and managed not to go crazy).

The cabin from several angles on a cloudy day.
Dad and Debbie immediately got their lines in the water and tried to catch some dinner.  My pole (purchased a week ago and selected because it just felt right (and came with a free hat!)) needed to be tended to so Mac saw to that while Giddy and I wandered around outside.  The weather was beautiful and sunny and Gideon really enjoyed throwing rocks in the water.  The kid has a great arm.

Fixing the poles with the help of his trusty dinosaur
many, many, many rocks were thrown (many)
The discovery of this log may have been the highlight of Gideon's day.

Fisherpeople doing fisher things

No fish were caught so dinner was chili dogs (which I prefer anyway) and chips (mmmm).  Gideon tried his first Cheeto (daddy wasn't too happy about that) and discovered he loves them, so at least we know he is definitely human.
Reading his new bedtime story from gramma and grampa

After the child went to bed we made a giant fire for s'mores.  The marshmallows we bought were the only ones they had at the 5 point Walmart and they were ridiculously huge and dense.  We discovered that the cabin did not have any wire hangers so Dad and Debbie used cutlery.  Mac the mountain man used his pocket night to whittle us up some marshmallow roasting sticks that gave the marshmallows a nice woody flavor.

Toasting the mallows

Perhaps a little too toasted 

Afterwards we were pretty tired and decided to pack it in for the night.

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