Friday, August 23, 2013

Gideon Was Here

My good friend over at The House of Boys...& a Girl  is hosting a link up this week (and every week moving forward) called "My Kids Were Here".  Basically she posted pictures that prove how her children exist in her home, and therefore her life.  It is a deceptively simple idea that I found very impactful as I viewed these little frozen-in-time moments that are both intimate and universal.  It inspired me so much that I grabbed my camera and went on a hunt for those little signs that this is Gideon's house (and life) too.  Here is what I came up with:

Classic Gideon play.  The dinosaurs actually live in the house, Boba Fett is just visiting.  They must be pretty good friends to be this comfortable with each other.

This is the mantle in my bedroom.  Gideon is obsessed with Legos and loves switching around the parts on his "guys".  A couple of mornings ago he informed us that this is a zombie knight.  *Also funny is that these Legos are up high where he definitely can't reach them meaning he probably played too rough with them and they were taken away, which is how we roll around here.

I used to take baths...

The husbandit is an artist and I have been known to make a craft or two so we turned out spare bedroom into an art room long before Gideon was born.  Now Gideon likes to get artistic in there too.
I'll admit, this quick activity made me look at my mess as masterpiece as I chuckled at Gideon's quirky personality expressed through toys.

How does your house reflect your children?  Head over to The House of Boys...& a Girl  and link up with us!

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