Monday, August 5, 2013

Impromptu Splash Pad

I don't know where the time went this morning, one moment it was 8:30 and then suddenly it was 10:15.  I knew we were going to be late for library storytime so I grabbed the swim bag as we walked out the door so we could hit the splash pad on the way home.  I'm glad I did because we made it just in time to sing one song and then line up for stickers.  Gideon seemed pretty confused and my mommy guilt was running high, so we headed down the road to the glorious heat and water of the splash pad.  We actually haven't been there much this summer; GG's pool is so much cooler and less crowded (you know, with just GG, me, and Gideon) however it is also 30 mins away while the splash pad is less than 10, so we should probably go more.  That is if this triple digit heat ever breaks (I think its been over a week now).  But I digress.

Gideon had a great time running:


He wanted to go down on his belly like the older kids

and making new friends who were happy to pour water on his belly:

He had so much fun he never wanted to leave.  As in ever.  Never, ever, ever.  And that is why I had to carry him kicking and screaming across a million degree parking lot and then wrestle him into his carseat.  This was a first for us, his best tantrums are normally saved for inside our house where I have apparently been guilty of many offenses.  With no practice he was surprisingly good at planking his body so that it was nearly impossible to strap him into the seat.  Where did he learn that?  Are there toddler meetings that I don't know about where they share tactics with one another?  It was bad enough that I attempted a picture for daddy...and he stole my phone.

About halfway home he threw the phone at me.  It grazed my hair and landed in my lap.  I like to think it was a warning shot, the kid has amazing aim.


  1. Oh my gosh you've joined the group of videoing and photographing tantrums for Daddy!! Welcome! :) And heck yeah they have meetings. Pretty sure Sadie has been the keynote speaker at a few of them. Her specialty is the growly demon voice coupled with what she calls "busy arms" that somehow scramble out of the car seat straps at the speed of light causing mommy to drip with sweat trying to catch the arms and shove them back through. Good times.

  2. Lol, Emily, if you are in the club then count me in!