Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New morning routine

Gideon doesn't know how to open his bedroom door and that makes me happy and terrified at the same time.  It is a screen door, which has been great because it allows airflow and we can easily hear him not ot mention it is also pretty cute with the welcome mat outside his door,

(look how tiny my baby looks in this old pic!)

but screen doors aren't made for inside so some modifications had to be made resulting in it being impossible for a toddler (and some adults) to open.  At night we go through our routine (teeth brushing, pajamas, storytime, night night) and then Mac and I shut the door behind us. This has been a lifesaver because he knows he can't open the door so he stays in bed and actually goes to sleep (if the door is left open he happily comes out to talk and play and drive us crazy).  However, I still have this fear that a fire or some other emergency will happen and he won't be able to get out or I won't be able to get in and then I get nauseous and have to go lie down.  So, once he falls asleep I go upstairs, remove the books and Legos from his bed, and leave the door open behind me.

You may be asking yourself what in the world this could possibly have to do with our morning routine, well every morning Gideon wakes up and yells "mama!  MAMA!" until Mac wakes up and goes into his room to change his diaper, snuggle, chat, etc.  Side note: I find it hilarious that he yells mama because he only gets me one morning a week (Saturday is daddy's day to sleep in).  Once he is all fresh and happy daddy brings him into our room to jump on me and yell in my face to wake up (although some mornings he insists that mama is night night so everyone has to whisper while he refuses to get in bed with me.  What a good kid!).  Every once in awhile he wakes up at 4am yelling for mama and we stay in bed and see if he will go back to sleep, luckily this works 9.99 times out of 10.

And then it happened.  Mac was in bed (asleep, it was 11pm) and I was downstairs turning off lights and getting ready to go to bed myself when I heard a thump and Mac run across the floor above me. I figured something must have happened in Gideon's room so I ran up the stairs only to find Gideon laying in bed next to a startled looking Mac. Long story short, we think he fell out of bed and ran into our room. Mac said he was asleep and woke up when he heard footsteps and looked down to see Gideon climbing into our bed, launching himself face down onto my pillow, and saying "I go night night." The kid has never slept in our bed but it was so adorable I almost let him stay.  Fortunately he was totally fine and went right back to sleep in his bed so I guess it was for the best.

The next two mornings he woke up, yelled for a minute and then got out of his bed, walked across the hall, and climbed in bed with us (which was vaguely uncomfortable on the first morning because his diaper had leaked) then yelled "mommydaddy wake up!"  This morning he didn't even yell, he just climbed in bed with his two very much asleep parents.   I let him under the covers with me and we snuggled until daddy's alarm went off and then he did an extremely accurate impression of daddys alarm for 5 minutes.  Seriously.  He was saying "boop boop boop" over and over again at exactly the same pitch as Mac's phone.  We were at our wits end, pretending to press his "snooze" button, tickling him, threatening time out, and eventually begging him to stop.  In the end I guess he just got tired of it because he went and started repeatedly sitting on Mac as hard as he could

Welcome to our new morning routine.

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