Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby it's COLD outside

We had to go out today because the house was all out of food, otherwise we would have stayed in with the heat on blast.  The first place we hit was the grocery store, and since I am a caffeine addict these days I cracked open a Dr. Pepper for the less than 5 minute car ride from our house to Kroger.  I left the DP in the car and when we got back 45 minutes-ish later it was frozen.

Gideon has pretty much decided he is potty trained now, which makes trips out of the house much more exciting/anxiety filled.  Yay!  But in all seriousness I am proud of this kid.  He likes to let everyone know he is a big boy and he can do it, he doesn't need mommy.  It actually makes me feel really proud right alongside really depressed when he says that.  And it doesn't hurt that he still needs me for snuggletime.  

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