Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sad Panda

I didnt take any pictures today, not a single one.  No pictures anywhere.  And guess what?  Today still happened.  I actually got a really scary migraine today, did not enjoy that, but it's over now.

We asked Gideon what kind of birthday party he would like to h ave this year and the conclusion we all came to was Mike the Knight.  I like Mike, he does it right!  For those without toddlers, "Be a knight and do it right!" is Mike's mantra of sorts.  If only he managed to do it right in the first place instead of always doing it wrong and then having to go back and fix it.  But I guess watching a kid in a knight's helm doing his chores and stuff wouldn't be much of a show.  Actually a more entertaining show would be if he used his dragon friends for better things than baking pies and carrying his bag.

Oh well, here is Mike!

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