Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Look who hasn't updated since August!  This girl!  Don't worry, my plan is to go back and do 4 posts a day everyday until I am caught up.  Starting tomorrow of course.  Eventually this post will not make sense.  Perfect!

I have a few friends who are participating in photo 365 challenges which I think is great, I love seeing that one picture of the day that sums it up without having to go into too much detail.  I also love scrolling through and seeing how some days may have been better than others.  Of course I know myself too well to think I could possibly keep something like that up for 365 days but why not give it a go and see how far I can get?  I mean I am going to be here playing catch up anyway, may as well throw in a daily pic too.

And here is today's pic:

See what I did there?  It is one pic made up of several smaller pics.  That's just how I am; a rule breaker, breaking all the rules.

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