Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

For weeks I have not-at-all-subtly hinted/told Mac that all I want for Mother's Day is a clean car.  Wednesday he told me that he hated to ruin the surprise but he had found a company that comes to your house and completely details your car inside and out and they would be here Thursday at 3pm.  I was completely stoked.  Cue rain.  It deluged all day Thursday and Mac had to reschedule for Monday.  On Sunday I was surprised in bed with flowers (brandished like a broadsword), my favorite bagel, and a wonderful card.

This is a Crayola Color Wonder card.  The ink you put on their hands only shows up on the card, GENIUSES!

The card lists 5 reasons I am the best mother ever, but Gideon wanted to do ten. His are "I like it when you play with me. I like it when you hug me. I like it when you kiss me (smooching sounds). I like it when you put me in my chair, and cooking with you."

For lunch we met my mom, brother, sister, and niece to eat family style at a local Italian chain and we ate ourselves into food comas, which my family is inordinately good at.  

After lunch I was going to take a nap but instead got comfortable in bed and watch three episodes of Arrow.  My husband thought I was crazy but ummm, this is my day and I would like to watch my super hero show now thankyouverymuch.  

I have to say I am loving this mom gig.  It doesn't hurt that Giddy and I are pretty similar in our love of staying home and not wearing pants.  Growing up I always said I never wanted to have any children and I stuck with that feeling all through college.  One of my biggest issues was that I liked and even loved certain other people's children but I didn't think I had the energy or patience to spend 24 hours a day being a child's parent.  Then in December of 2009 my biological clock went off and wouldn't stop until I produced a child.  Turns out Gideon isn't someone else's child, he's mine and I find it difficult to go 24 hours without him.  If anything I can say with certainty that my life is not at all what I pictured as an 18 year old heading out on my own, and that is absolutely fine, better than fine, its perfect.  

UPDATE: It rained all day Monday so the car cleaning has been rescheduled again for next Monday.  You're welcome to all the people whose lawns we watered by trying to get my car cleaned.

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