Monday, July 7, 2014

Imaginary Friends

So Gideon has two imaginary friends, Dr. Doom and Spooky Batman.  He insists that he can see them and they are real and they often carry on lengthy conversations with Gideon, especially in the car.  Batman got his Spooky descriptor because he is able disappear at will and then jumps out and scares Gideon (sometimes good, other times bad).  And Dr. Doom appears to be nicer than Batman and pretty great for a "bad guy".

These two characters have brought both Gideon and I much enjoyment over the past few weeks.  One day a few weeks ago Spooky Batman was riding in the back seat with Gideon as we drove to GG's house to swim.  Turns out Batman has a rainbow swimsuit with rainbow water wings, AND two mommies.  When we got home that afternoon for naptime I asked if Spooky Batman was ready for nap too and Gideon said no, he was in the batmobile but the batmobile was stuck in traffic.  I guess famous people really are just like us.

Last week there was a late night storm with lots of loud thunder.  I went and checked on Gideon and was shocked that he slept through it.  The next day he surprised us by saying he was not asleep during the storm but awake for the whole thing because Dr. Doom came out of the thunder, walked into our house, and went to Gideon's door, then it thundered again and he left.  He and I talked about how this was probably a dream because Gideon was in his room and unable to see what was happening outside.  Gideon said this was a bad dream but only because Dr. Doom did not give Gideon a hug.  In fact, he was so disturbed by the lack of hugging that he has told several people since about how much he wants to find Dr. Doom and ask for a hug.  Today during naptime it suddenly started to storm outside.  I didn't recall any mention of rain on the weather this morning and a quick check of the internet said that this was a totally freak occurrence.  I heard Gideon upstairs talking and went to check on him in case the thunder was scaring him.  Turns out Dr. Doom, having finally had some thunder to ride, was back.  I told him that I had just been downstairs and did not see the Dr. but Gideon insisted (pointing to his doorway (so creepy)) that he was there waiting for Gideon.  I told him to ask Dr. Doom to come to the bed:

Gideon: Come here Dr. Doom.
Me: Tell him he owes you a hug.
G: I am already hugging him! (makes snuggly hugging sounds)    
M: Alright, now tell Dr. Doom it is naptime and he needs to go.
G: Dr. Doom it is naptime.  Mommy, he not going to leave.
M: Alright tell him has has to lay on the floor and read books so you can get some rest.
G: Dr. Doom you lay on the floor and read my superhero books.
M (giving Gideon a hug and then walking out of the room): Goodnight Gideon!  Dr. Doom, you don't keep Gideon awake
G (as Dr. Doom) : Okay.

Of course the imaginary friends are not all fun and games.  There has been a lot of controversy lately around The Hulk, Bruce Banner, and some sort of relationship they have forged with ghosts.  And while I love that Gideon has a vivid imagination, sometimes it seems to keep him from getting all of the sleep he needs.  Case in point, apparently he and Batman spent an entire evening fighting crime in Villainville not long ago, I know this because we could hear it downstairs.

Anyone else have any experience with imaginary friends?


  1. B has two! Boomie and Santa! They show up randomly.

  2. Kristin- Cass had an imaginary playmate- It was a girl (which Aunt Candi said was unusual for a boy!) named Cassandra 4 Eyes Crosspatch. *shrugs* Cassandra was a VERY, very naughty little girl. She would NOT hold anyone's hand while crossing the street! AND she would NOT wear a seat belt! She was pretty sassy, too, as I remember it. oh! and she ate A LOT of candy!

    But Giddy's friends remind me more of an incident that happened when Cass was barely 3. He came to me saying that "the man was back and scaring him again". The man? I asked him where this man was, and he said 'standing outside my window'. I went to his room with him, and asked him again... 'Where, sweetheart?' and he pointed... 'he's standing right there!' Since I couldn't see anything, I asked him what the man was doing... and he said, 'He's just standing there staring at me.' I asked him what he looked like, and he described a man wearing a black suit, with a bowler hat on his head, holding a black bag, and just staring- not smiling- not particularly mad... just staring. Cass said he came a lot. So- I went to the window and said, "I don't know who you are, but you're scaring my son. If you're here to protect him, please don't let him see you... and if you're not- then you must leave." Cass looked relieved, and said, 'Thank you, Mommy. He's gone.' and he never mentioned him again... Except for about 6-8 mos. later, when his Grandma Sterling came to visit, and brought a family photograph album. We were looking through the photos, when Cass said, 'Oh! there he is! The man!' It was his Great-grandfather that we'd never met (since he had died when Bruce was a 2 yr old). We'd always heard wonderful stories about this man from Bruce's mom... so I always wondered why he just stared at Cass and wouldn't smile. Well, about a month ago, we met Bruce's cousins for the first time. We were talking around the table, and they mentioned the Great Grandfather (who was a Dr. btw... and carried a black bag) And they were telling how he was sort of "snooty" and always scared them, because he'd just stand and STARE at them...... Weird, huh?