Monday, July 28, 2014


I was still in bed this morning when Gideon came running in carrying a bag of clothespins he's found in his closet.  He ran to the bed and yelled "I have a project for you mommy!"  Since I'd spent this past weekend nursing a cold fueled by pregnancy insomnia my mommy guilt was running pretty high.  Gideon must have sensed this and known that he basically could get me to do whatever he wants today.  So we decided we needed to turn clothespins into crocodiles and headed downstairs to the craft box (temporarily in our office while we are working on Gideon's big boy room).  Daddy mentioned that he would love a clothespin crocodile with a magnet for the metal shelves in his office which Gideon thought was a great idea (cue me searching the boxes furiously for my roll of magnets) and thus our morning project was born.  After the crocodile Gideon said he wanted to make a sheep (or "weep" as he calls them) so I ran upstairs and grabbed some cotton balls.  After the sheep came a spider ("bider") and a caterpillar ("cadpillar") all covered in googly eyes, pompoms, and pipe cleaners.  This was one morning when I was grateful for my craft supplies hoard.

He wanted the spider to have a pompom head.  It's pretty fabulous. 

For some reason this looks like a snapping turtle to me

Won't lie, I find the sheep sort of creepy

The crocodile is my favorite

He's pretty proud of his "aminals"

I am going to get out the hot glue gun during naptime to secure some of the pompoms and add magnets but otherwise these guys are done.  They took maybe 15 minutes to make, we had a great time, and I managed to score some mom points before 10am!   I think it is going to be a good day.

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