Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of Preschool - The Verdict

Another mommy milestone today: the pick up line

I am extremely fortunate that they have organized afternoon pick up in such a way that there are only about 14 kids to be picked up at a time.  I have experienced the public school car line and it was much more stressful than this.

When the teacher walked up with the car in front of me's child and the mom got out and gave her daughter a big hug I was so relieved.  I didn't know if I was going to have to stay in the car (I respect boundaries to a fault) and I really wanted to jump out and grab my boy as soon as possible.  Ellie was also feeling pretty impatient about seeing her boy.

Then, finally, it was our turn!  I leaped out of the car and his teacher said "Gideon had a GREAT first day!"  I thanked her, gave Giddy a hug, and helped him take off his backpack before grabbing Ellie.  He immediately proclaimed "Elwie!" and watching him hug and snuggle that little elephant I was genuinely not sure which of us he was happier to see.  Seriously, it was adorable.  Best of all, as I strapped him in his seat he said "I like my new school mommy!" and I had a How the Grinch Stole Christmas moment as my heart grew three sizes.  I asked him what he did at school and of course he said "I don't memember."  I don't memember is the bane of most parents' lives and the only solution we have come up with is telling Gideon that if he can't remember something than he doesn't get to do it again.  Under threat of no more school Gideon was suddenly able to recall the following:

- He played with Playdoh and dolls
- He did not play with Legos.  Someone told him he would but he did not.
- He went outside to play and he did NOT (stress on the NOT) get in trouble 
- They sang a song in circle time, he has sung it many ways at home since but it always involves singing "swimming, swimming, swimming" over and over again and ending with "they were all fish!"
- He does not remember his teachers' names
- He made new friends, he does not know their names

When I went through his backpack later I found this picture that is now hanging proudly on the refrigerator.  He still says he has no memory of making it but I still like it.

And so the first day of preschool went about as well as I could have ever hoped.  Tomorrow it is back to speech therapy and then Thursday he gets to go to school again (I am so savoring these moments of school being a treat and not a chore).  From now on daddy is going to take Giddy to school on his way to work while mommy stays home and probably eats donuts while watching Good Morning America, umm I mean does the dishes and folds laundry.  It's a good life.

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