Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of Preschool

Shout out to the husbandit for writing this awesome sign freehand this morning (because I completely forgot to ask him to do it last night) with me yelling from the other room "we are running late!  we are going to be late!"

Today is Gideon's first day of preschool.  Last night Mac and I were all smiles as we picked out school clothes with Gideon and read "The Night Before Preschool" before tucking him in (I bought that book a month ago and Gideon has been DYING to read it but I made him wait).  I asked him if he was excited or worried about preschool in the morning and he said he was worried.  I asked what he was worried about and he said that "something would happen."  We hugged him and assured him that if anything bad did happen his teachers would be there to help him and if things were VERY bad they would call mommy and daddy and we would come and get him.  He asked if Ellie could go with him and we told him that she could not but that mommy would bring Ellie to school to pick him up and he could tell her all about his day in the car on the way home.  This seemed to do the trick because, for once, Gideon went right to sleep.  I went through the stack of paperwork from meet the teacher again, found a form I had forgotten to fill out, remembered we needed to give his teachers a family picture, labeled the new backpack and change of clothes with "Gideon Mack Edwards" (he wants to be called Gideon Mack), and put the carpool map and tag in my car so I wouldn't forget before going to bed myself.  Mac stayed up late and did everyone's laundry.  It was like we all were starting school in the morning and Mac and I were both a little on edge all evening.

We all actually managed to wake up on time this morning(!).  Gideon started out in an odd mood as he instructed me firmly to leave my pajama shirt on while he played in his diaper (normally he wakes up and happily changes from a pull up to undies by himself first thing).  But his grumpiness soon passed and he was his sunshiney self as he ate biscuits and jelly before getting dressed for school.  I was a little bit of a mess having forgotten to ask daddy to write out the chalkboard sign (I have terrible handwriting) or to actually print the family picture for his teacher.

Forgetfulness aside, we made it out the door on time(ish) and headed off to school.  In the car Gideon kept saying something to me and it took me a moment to figure out he was saying "I so excited mommy!"  and we had the sweetest little conversation:

Gideon:  I so excited mommy!
Me:  That makes mommy really happy Gideon!
G:  I excited for school and my classroom
M:  There are lots of fun things to do in your classroom
G:  Yes!  dolls, food.
M:  And your teachers and new friends
G:  Will we all be together mommy?
M:  Yes, and then I will come pick you up
G: I so excited, are we there yet?

We got to school and were greeted at the door by the secretary who impressed me by remembering Gideon's name from back when she gave us a tour.  Surrounded by all of the kids and parents Giddy started to get a little shy but we walked him over to his classroom where one of his teachers was waiting outside.

bonus belly shot
After putting his name on the board outside the door he walked confidently into his class and was basically completely over us as our presence was no longer required.  Miss Gina told him that they start their day every day by washing their hands (you know I love that) so Mac walked Giddy over to the sink and helped him wash (which he can do by himself but I think Mac was having some trouble letting go) while I put his backpack in his cubby and gave the teacher our family picture and nearly forgotten form.  And then we were done.  Giddy gave us a hug and we left.  I won't lie, it was weird.  When we got to our cars (we had to bring both so Mac could drive on to work) Mac and I hugged and asked each other how we were feeling before getting in, buckling up, and driving away.

Getting down to business 
I was trying to convince myself on the way home that this isn't THAT big a deal, he is only there for 3 hours at a time and only twice a week... but maybe it is.  This is the start of a journey he is going to take without me.  A journey that will enrich his life with problem solving and reading, independence and confidence, and a million experiences that will help him define who he is.  But up until now if his body or feelings were hurt one of us was there, giving him our full attention as we made sure he was okay.  Now it is up to his teachers and other caregivers to nurture him and his classmates with divided attention.  And that is good, he shouldn't be the center of the world, but he is the center of my world and this is hard for me.  Hard but good.  Good for us both.

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  1. Big boy! This will be so great for him and you! Hugs, mama. Your little man is going to bloom.